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Type 20B (4 Wheel steering)
Kfz-2 Radio car

Hanomag Le. gl. Einh. Pkw. Hanomag type 20B 1937-1940
Fu. Kw. (Kfz. 2)
Chassis No: LPI 32854
Engine No: 251509
Date of delivery: 6-6-1940
Funkwagen body No: 3507
Bodywork by: Heinrich Schomacker & co Fahrzeugfabrik Hamburg.
Hanomag Instruction and partlist books:
D-662/1 from 22-4-1940 instruction manual
D-662/2 from 13-03-1940 part list chasis.
D-662/3 from 17-07-1940 part list engine for Hanomag, Stoewer and BMW.
D-662/4 from 17-12-1940 instruction manual for type 40.
D-662/5 part list chassis type 40.
D-992 from 5-5-1938 instalation for wireles sets.
 Radio set: Tornister Funkgerate F (Torn. fu. ftornister funkgerate f 01


han20b2 2



Carburetor Solex 35RFLV,
Radio mounting equipment Fu 2/2 for Torn fu F,
I need all the info about the Fu 2/2 closeup pictures and equipment.
Tasche Fu a (Schreibgerat).
Org.Books: D-662/1, D-662/4, D-662/5 and D-992
Org. Partslist, Books or drawings from the body work

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Hanomag 20B

Onderdelenlijst 662/3

Tornister Funkgerate F